In 2004, several families came together with the question, “What will happen to my adult child with disabilities when I am no longer here to take care of them?”. To answer this question, Wings Special Needs Community was born. Wings enhances the lives of adults with developmental disabilities through social, vocational, and soon-to-be residential programming. The Day Program provides services to over 70 Members, 5 days a week who have volunteered over 6,000 hours in the community in the last year. Their Member’s volunteerism serves over 51 non-profits in our community. Wings is a place where these adults can grow their community, have a sense of belonging and serve their community. To find out more please visit

2022 RECAP – The CARE Center

The CARE Center is Oklahoma County’s children’s advocacy center, and we are dedicated to preventing child abuse through education and helping children find their voice and begin to heal after abuse. Since1991, The CARE Center has existed to help children share their abuse stories in a safe environment for investigations and connect families with resources that remove barriers to healing. To support our vision to end child abuse, we provide child abuse prevention education training and resources to the community.