Redbud Foundation Beneficiary

Our 2024 Beneficiary is FOCUS ON HOME

Focus on Home Mission

To provide furniture and furnishings for a dignified home to families in need, as identified by social service agencies as ready for our services.

What Focus on Home Believes

How do you give someone a home? Put a roof over their head? Get four walls around them? Home is a place to sleep soundly in a bed. To spend time together on the couch. To gather at the table. It’s a place where people heal, and love, and grow. Focus on Home fills the empty spaces with the essentials families need. Things that bring them dignity and comfort. So they can focus less on survival and more on moving forward. Healing only starts with four walls and a roof. It finishes when we help our neighbors find home.

Who Focus on Home Serves

We serve families experiencing domestic violence, going through treatment and recovery programs and families who are experiencing homelessness for a variety of reasons.

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Wings Special Needs Community enhances the lives of adults with developmental disabilities through social, vocational, and soon-to-be residential programming. The Day Program provides services to over 70 Members, 5 days a week who have volunteered over 6,000 hours in the community in the last year. Their Member’s volunteerism serves over 51 non-profits in our community. Wings is a place where these adults can grow their community, have a sense of belonging and serve their community.

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